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From mega-trend to concrete product

How HARTING Electric implements new technologies

Questions to Norbert Gemmeke, Managing Director of HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG.

How HARTING Electric implements new technologies "All theory, dear friend, is grey," according to Goethe’s Faust. As managing director, however, you are responsible for the concrete implementation of theory. How important are megatrends and technologies in your HARTING Electric business unit?

N. Gemmeke:

Megatrends throw light on the undefined grey areas of the future. For the HARTING business units – Global Business Units – they also form the basis for future orientation. The monitoring of new technologies lays the foundation for the further orientation of the Electric business unit. DC power, decentralised energy storage, high current/voltage and robotics are a few examples. The advanced materials represent a special focus with regard to contact, insulation and housing technology and are thus relevant for the entire HARTING Technology Group. Many of these technologies are in their infancy, but still play a very important role  for the development of the core business in the future. In addition, technologies such as advanced sensors offer enough growth potential for expanding business models away from the core business. The integration of new technologies always requires the development of new skills. Is this possible in a business unit that has ranked as market leader in industrial connectors for decades?

N. Gemmeke:

In order to develop new and future-oriented technologies, intensive cooperation between Research, Development and Industrial Engineering is necessary. In addition, Product Management, Industrial Segment Management and Key Account Management need to be incorporated. Across the board, digital transformation must not just be a buzzword, but must be actively deployed in all functional areas for differentiation and the benefit of customers. HARTING Electric will continuously move ahead in this direction.

Our GBU is globally positioned. We will integrate the regional product and development centres as well as product management into further technology development. We are currently putting in place the requisite structures and processes for this. Can you give us an example of what this looks like in practice?

N. Gemmeke:

The DC-Power technology is a good example. In the future, the global energy supply will rely heavily on renewable energies. These, in turn, must be harnessed with as little loss as possible, i.e. without additional conversion and in an optimal combination. From an electrotechnical point of view, direct current (DC) technology is a suitable option. This is not a new technology - but it is still in its early phases in terms of use at the level of supply networks. Together with the technology experts of the HARTING Group, GBU Electric has set a focus here. The first steps have been taken. We will inform you about the ongoing implementation and application in future issues of Taking a leading role in new technologies always has something to do with personal passion. Which technology inspires you the most and what effect does this have on the implementation at HARTING?

N. Gemmeke:

Yes indeed, that is correct. Personal passion plays an essential role, especially when it comes to new technologies and the resulting products. My passion is automation – and this is always a combination of good connection technology and smart software integration. We need to make this combination more efficient with new technologies and services. This can be lived out in the application of DC technology in different market segments.

At the same time, we are another step closer to achieving CO2 neutrality and to strengthening the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Another passion of mine is digital transformation, as services derived from this also deliver many advantages in applications. Here too, powerful sustainability and targeted management are necessary. As you can see, the GBU Electric and Management have analysed the megatrends and thus identified the need to focus on change processes.

N. Gemmeke
Norbert Gemmeke, Managing Director of HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG

HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG

HARTING Electric develops, manufactures and markets electrical and electronic connectors, device connection technology, network components and assembled system cables for networking and supplying machines and systems with energy, signals and data. The products are deployed in areas including mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, power generation and distribution as well as in traffic engineering.


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