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My connector

Individual connectors from lot size 1
Ansgar Thomas
Ansgar Thomas
Global Product Manager Board Connectors, HARTING Electronics
My connector

What can developers do when the connector that is fundamental to the product innovation they have in mind is no longer available to purchase? Develop it themselves? This would take too long and it wouldn't be cost-effective. Commission small-batch production? Too expensive. At HARTING, developers are now being given the option of having their unique connector specially produced on a modular, flexible and highly individual basis. Even if they only need a single connector – for their prototype, for instance. To ensure that this level of individuality can remain cost-effective for customers, HARTING is offering the har-modular with diverse online configuration options.

So that miniaturisation doesn’t become the show stopper

As smaller becomes the norm, terminating architecture is also undergoing a corresponding transformation. The development of new devices is a challenge for technical product design. Devices need to be modular and flexible and they should be brought to the market in very short development cycles. The prototype usually needs to be right the first time round as well as comprehensively simulate the final product characteristics. The trend towards individual miniaturisation requires sophisticated solutions with several means of transferring data, power and signals from one PCB to another.


Fast and cost-effective prototype development

The har-modular provides developers with the opportunity to realise their ideas. They can individually configure their own plug connection, which gives them the freedom to implement all of their innovative and creative ideas in the device design. To additionally support fast, cost-effective prototyping, there are virtually unlimited options for online simulation. When satisfied with their draft, the developer can configure the connector and order it in the required quantity – all in the same online portal, with cross-site team collaboration also being supported.

“The har-modular configurator can be compared to a modular system. Developers can choose from the available modules and configure these freely themselves. Ideal for rapid prototyping, working alone or as part of a team.”

Ansgar Thomas, Senior Global Product Manager DIN 41612 Signal

Tailored connectivity

Using the har-modular configurator, developers can configure their own personal har-modular online and order complete connectors. Modules for data, signals and power can be freely combined in various designs and with structural widths from 20 to 172 millimetres. They are always clipped into a guide rail at the ends via two holding elements and are ready for operation. The position of the elements can be freely selected and repeatedly newly combined.


  • Freely configurable connections
    for fast product development
  • har-modular supports the trend towards miniaturisation and modularisation


For future decision-makers within industry:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Lot size 1 for connectors
  • Online configurator on a completely individual basis
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